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About Income Protection Services

Experience. With more than twenty years of combined experience in the vocational rehabilitation business, our knowledge and experience means that Income Protection Insurers, their policyholders and the policy members are in good hands.

Company. Income Protection Services is directly related to Voc Rehab UK. Both entities are trading names of Eclectic Human Solutions Ltd. This Company specialises in the provision of vocational services to all sides of the personal injury market, and to Income Protection Insurers.

Income Protection Services. Professional vocational services for income protection insurers and their policyholders. We work with mutuals and with corporate insurers and offer high quality, pre/early claim, back to work interventions. Uniquely, we also specialise in the provision of expert support for claims management teams and provide loss mitigating solutions for difficult and complex cases.

Vocational Rehabilitation. Our company delivers pure and undiluted vocational solutions of the very highest quality. We do not offer blended services that focus on health and therapy because our primary focus is vocational rehabilitation and the efficient delivery of cost-effective outcomes. Whether our interventions are helping absent employees back to work, or if we are supporting claims managers with loss mitigation - the aim is to deliver timely outcomes that are both meaningful and cost-effective.

Specialist Vocational Services

We deliver professional claims management support to insurers by providing a range of effective services to suit the needs of each individual case and policy definition.

Pre-Claim: Early Intervention

The longer that an absent employee is away from work, the more difficult it will be for them to return to the workplace. Whether the absent employee is an individual policyholder, or they are members of a GIP policy, our approach is the same… It is never too early to be talking about a return to work, a return to normal routines and most importantly, a return to a normal quality of life.

Our core beliefs are that we focus on an individual’s abilities and what they can and are able to do, rather than with what they can’t do. We accept the medical diagnosis, but we do not believe that vocational rehabilitation should be led by the medical diagnosis alone. A person does not have to be 100% fit to be back at work. Being in work is good for people and being in suitable work actually helps with a person’s overall rehabilitation.

The help that we provide absent employees will be entirely dependant on the nature and duration of their absence. This help may be as simple as telephonic support, but it may also include motivational interviewing, coaching, workplace mediation... and more. Whatever the cause of absence, there will always be a manageable and graduated return to work plan, so that the return to work is sustainable.

Being in work is good for people

In-Claim: Specialist Interventions

Not all absentees will return to work in a timely manner. Long-term sicknesses and chronic diseases are unfortunately facts of life. Long-term absences are inevitable and this is where highly skilled and specialist vocational services can provide vital support to the Claims Management team.

Depending on the specific policy definitions, we provide supportive assessments and reports that are robust and defendable. We are experienced in writing Expert Witness testimony for serious injury cases and we apply the same techniques in the preparation of reports for Income Protection insurers.

We aim to progress every case to its best possible outcome

About Income Protection Services Specialist providers of vocational services for Income Protection Insurers and their policyholders